Hail Queen Goddess

Oh hail, my beautiful queen-goddess
in child's body.
You have forgotten who you are.
Oh hail, my beautiful queen-goddess
in child's body.
you have forgotten what you are.
You seek acceptance
in people who cannot see you.
Although their acceptance would mean comfort,
You need no Permission.
You seek to belong to this world, to blend in
Do you not see how suffocating the ideals are?
You are too big to be contained by someone else's vision of life
Free yourself, queen-goddess.
Allow yourself
Liberate yourself.
Give yourself permission to explore,
to be wrong,
to exist as you are.
Be big. Be real. Be whole.
Look in. What you seek most is affirmation from you.
Water the gardens of your soul with Love.
Nurture that space within you with acceptance.
Remind the world what it is,by reminding yourself who you are.
Oh hail, queen-goddess in child's body.
Oh hail.

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