Hail Solitariness

O Solitariness! Open the gates of silence;
For sweeter than honey presence thine.
Hail solitariness ever, ever thy kingdom;
Lo, battles no more and peace friend thine.

Adorned with lilies chariot thine thither;
Behold on her couch conception inside.
And soft fingers her veil a slide and slide;
Beckons poet thou go enjoy and mind fill.

And wild, wild land thou wander yon poet;
O mind fill and fill with love her wine sweet.
Happy, happy faded flowers and fallen leaves;
And ye gain tinct and life again for ever.

No lark, nor a sweet song of nightingale;
Yet what unheard melody in soul repeats.
Sweet and bitter tingling a tale in soul;
O poet, all forget, sing on lilies and dead leaves. .

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This Poems Story

This poem is on solitariness. When poet is alone imagination beckons to her beautiful chariot. figure of speech:- "personification"