Hail the King

A battle rages deep within,
Good or evil which shall win,
My heart fights to keep control,
But which force now will own my soul?,
I am king, I am king,
All the kingdom looks to me,
Shall I rule with dignity,
Or be ruled by lust and vanity,
Hail hail hail the king,
Will he good or evil bring, 
Still we follow helplessly for we owe him our loyalty, 
Hail to thee his royalty,
Hail to he our king, 
Bow before your lord of war,
Whose glory songs now sing,
Hail to thee his majesty,
Hail to he our king,
Bow before his might and power,
Known across the seas,
All hail the evil king, 
All fear his mighty sting,
He chose war and poverty 
But we owe him our loyalty,
Hail hail hail the king,
Hail to him our majesty,
Hail to thee our mighty stone
and ruler of the iron throne,
Give to me your loyalty,
Bow to me your majesty,
Bring me wealth and bring me war
for I am king and lust for more,

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