Hair of Red With Fists of Lead

Hair of Red With Fists of Lead
Green eyes & seductive stare.
Words which never lie.
Everyday about me he cares.
Buys me a latte of chai.
His arms around mine.
An endless love through time.
His kiss on my face.
A loving embrace.
In 1996, through the doorway his arms around my waist.
A memory time can't erase.
His greenish eyes see all the naked parts of me.
His only woman I want to be.
A true love set free.
A person to cherish.
A love never to perish.
Perfect lips, unbroken hips,
freckled hands, untraveled lands.
Seductive mouth, forbidden south,
a gentle caress,
love made best,
Faithfulness put to the test,
insecurities that never rest.
His thoughts that count.
Unpaid debts that mount,
Red hair that glows, a loving heart that knows.
A generous mind, in him I find.
Unlocked treasures.
Nobody else could measure.
My Best Friend
A smart man, his biggest fan.
His baby head asleep on my lap.
A face he would never slap.
He likes fishing.
Together forever is what I'm wishing.
Being alone I am not missing.
His face I want to be kissing.
Just being a friend.
Needs to end.
I want more.
Then to just be a whore.
He says I am a chore.
I grew up poor.
I used to sleep on a floor.
I hate to be ignored.
I don't know what's in store.
I haven't been given the grand tour.
I want to be his girl. I want to be his world. With him I fell in love. He was sent from heaven above. He is who I adore. He makes my spirit soar. He is part of what I live for. I feel it in my core. I just need stability & commitment more.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

(Titled because of the time my dashboard you punched on my Geo Metro in 2012. You only ever kissed me when you were drunk. You only ever called me when you needed a ride for 3 years. All you do is play video games. I am 37 i have been looking for a man a husband for 20 years all I find are boys who never grew up at 37 who still live with their mom.)

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