Half a Broken Heart

I lay awake at night replaying the moment you entered my heart.
How you knew wee were meant for each other right from the start.
You made yourself the most important part of me.
Before you even knew my name, you knew what we would be.
You turned me and my life around.
To me you made sure you'd be forever bound.
You made me love you in ways I never thought I could.
Ways you always knew that I should and I would.
You made me into the person you knew that I could be.
A special someone that only you could see.
I became your world the day you handed me the pieces of your heart.
You asked me to put it back together because it was torn apart.
I accepted your gift and did the best I could to make you whole.
To hold your heart together and free your soul.
You loved me before you knew me, you showed me a world I never knew.
What I never even told you was that I loved you then, too.
You created a world meant specifically for me and you.
And then you had to leave it and I knew not what to do.
The special world you created was suddenly ripped apart.
And in this shattered world you left half a broken heart.

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