Half Alive

You come to life
Never knowing your reasons why
You search and search
Then you find out it was there inside

We have our songs
When it wakens up it all pours out
No need for fame
We can sing and make our dreams real life

Knowing every story is so different
But for me wasnt the real thing
Until I knew
What my heart can feel
Not even broken just an aching
You learn the karma for the taking
Before I knew
What I shouldnt do

Your half alive
When the love is true love thats inside
I try and search
Another reason tells me not to try

Wont let it die
I wont let it die
True love is giving more than recieving
You find the answer to life's meaning
Let the music out
A light for others now

So dont give it up
Dont give it up
Only broken til it opens
Sometimes the keys come at wrong moments
But your not broke
Only half ways to go

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