half girl half giving tree

i was once a tree,
where all i could do was love,
and i had once loved a boy
who, while i stayed in place,
was free like a dove.

as he grew old, i continued to provide
i was convinced i’d give forever,
because i was sick and full of pride.

i was ashamed to ever take,
so i gave and i gave and i gave.
i was not trying to be good,
i was not trying to become a virtue,
i just wanted you to be happy,
and to never ever hurt you.

asking for love was an act of shame,
but it was never my boy that i could blame.
so i gave and i gave and i gave,
and i told myself to be quiet and be brave.

i longed for the day i could be happy
but it never ever came,
i longed to be happy, but the boy
didn't even know my name.

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