Halloween Hunger

Halloween eve is on the creep.
Slobbering wolves will leave you weep.

Ghostly clouds float low in the sky.
Dark figures on sticks pass you by.

Cold air hits and tousles your hair.
Is this for real, or just a scare?

Chills run down the length of your spine.
A couple more steps and you'll be mine.

Next to the woods you smell mold and piss.
A dozen mad cats attack and hiss.

Turn around now, go back, or its blood.
Too late, can't move, you're wedged in mud.

Darkness falls over the full moon's light.
You try to fight free with all your might.

A muscular figure descends on your face,
Flapping its wings with hunger yet grace.

Piercing white fangs emerge toward your breast.
Stretched out in his arms, you claw his chest.

He's flying away and you're his gem.
You suddenly grasp, your one of them!

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