I don't understand why doctors ask
if you have been seeing anything that other people don't see,
Or have you been hearing anything others don't hear,
have you been hallucinating.
How would somebody know if they were hallucinating or not?
How would somebody know if others can or cannot see these things too?
Maybe the doctors are our hallucinations.
Maybe the other patients are as well.
Have they ever thought of that?
Maybe we are alone in the room
and have been seeing these things the whole time.
Maybe it's our minds way of trying to heal us.
It is self-diagnosing us and getting us the help we need.
Or maybe this life is a dream.
Maybe our so called waking state is a world that we search for.
Is it possible that our dreams are what are real?
That are dreams are the worlds we explore.
Have they ever stopped to think maybe
we explore these worlds so desperately
to find the one that haunts our dreams?
Just a thought
But what do I know?
I'm crazy.

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