The light cascades down the mountain,
casting a bright glare in my eye.
To my left, a spring bubbles forth like a fountain.
It's funny. I could've sworn that it was stone dry.

I slowly creep to it, arching my back down to get a drink.
I finally get my swig, but then why is my thirst still unquenched?
Look! The water turns red like blood! Maybe I need to see a shrink.
What's happening to me? I see an open wound, drench in blood.

I wince in the pain.
Seeing my real surroundings I realize
I've been hallucinating again.
My situation is dire. Is it here that the outdoor enthusiast dies?

Somehow I hear something that should be unheard,
A rumble in the distance, perhaps I'm about to die.
I look to the sky now, and I think I see... a great winged Bird!
Why I've never seen a bird so huge! How can it fly?

The bird left but came back amongst the beginnings of rain.
It produced a long tongue, reaching the forest floor.
This is no bird! It's a rescue plane!!!
Wait, or is this just a hallucination once more?

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