Hamlet Treasure Chest

Welcome to Hamlet Treasure Chest
As you can see my treasure chest has
Lots of goodies, fresh fruits, candies,
cakes, cookies and breads with a stack
of Books and lost written poems, Hamlet
Never lets you down, there are stories
to be read for centuries long after the
Twenty-first century is done, children and
Adults of all ages will enjoy the food and the
stories , get off of your electronics and back
Into the old days of original storytelling,
around family and friends where values
are appreciated and respected in the home.
Every politician had a useful debate, schools
Had teachers who taught from books and not
by Computers, the Hamlet awaits your awesome
Journey into a world of Majesty and adventure.
Running rivers, forests, trees to play under,
Animals roam free are tamed and play nice with
Each other and humans, is this not Hamlet
Treasure Chest, your food for survival, reading
material to pass the time and can pass for Your
Choice of entertainment, do away with the new
age, welcome to the new old age, where life was
simpler and everything had order to it. Hamlet
Treasure Chest.

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