Hand to hold , Heart to empathize

Bringing my one to this malevolence world . Seeing from the heaven this evil world . - Oh! My lord don’t put down the one., who became a curse to my little one. You gave me the duty of this kind which some wicked can’t subsist.
keeping him in my womb for a twenty two , a childing mother has gone above to cloud nine . Keeping him close to her spirit . Flourishing him with sense , tender and compassion in the world above . It is not the material who keep it for a NINE., TWELVE ., FIVE ., or FOUR . To respect the pain she gains for you .
Blessed is she who is blessed with a one . And dreamt of bringing it to the whole world with the kind , pure and playfull nature which she had in those days . Dreamt that his blood will continue to keep all the one in cheer .
She received this blessings from the Almighty and promised which she dreamt . The time too was honouring her . Feeding him she asked him in that little world ,what he loves ? ,Answered her- with what she loves .
thought that it resemble her and a innocent smile appeared on her . believing it to be kind , carefree like her .Going in search of something . She found a pineapple across the lake . Crossed the lake and reached the pine thinking that her one would have something pleasant today .
And as she kept in her mouth . it took them to the heaven with that cracking sound . This was the sin she received for serving them for long . They shattered her dreams . - Oh! Lord just give them there reward for commiting such a sin .
Now a question was put up by the little one to her nurse in that dreamland “ That it was resembling a pineapple from outside” . So she replied “ That they were also looking like humans from outside .”

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