Handle with Care

Fragile, handle with care
Don't let her breathe in
There's poison in the air
You thought you knew all
You thought you had rose
Only to have fallen with the door shut closed
You thought you knew the ocean
You thought you knew love
Only to be pushed in
A slow, soft shove
You sunk to the bottom
You were blinded with ink
The treasures beneath you never to be seen
The box lined with linen was never enough
You scratched away the warnings
There was no way to be shared
That your box was special
Fragile, handle with care

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This Poems Story

Dear Mom, I hope you notice your warning signs before you fall and slip on your galaxies. Be well, a friend-I dedicate this to my parents; you've scarred me in the most beautiful way possible. I never would have spilt all that blood without you.