Hands of Time

all emotions are controlled and not a single tear is found
if anger was too loud then it would never make a sound
this person would be an outcast who everyone would ignore
if he told the secret to his perfection then everyone wants more
the ones who hear the secret would probably never tell it
or maybe market the secret and once begin to sell it
the secret from this person could probably end the strife
this secret that you hear of is not the one of life
it could solve every problem and end this world of pain
for once history would go forward and eventually learn to gain
a world complete with truth and finally void of lies
this place is in a dream that never quits its tries
so they search for this person and wonder why he hides
they could just be a drifter who hops on trains for rides
who shifts all day and night and always hides his face
who never speaks to loud because he knows his place
would he show his face and finally can be famous?
yet if he showed the world his face would he remain nameless?
i wish to meet this person if they truly are alive
to talk to them of origin and how histories survived...

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