Have you ever thought about hands and the things they can do?
Hands do work for me and you.
They hold the tools that bring them alive
and keep us strong, our families to thrive.
They can create and even cook and bake,
knit and sew for our loved one's sake.
Hands can make a beautiful thing,
conduct a choir or wear a ring.
Yes, hands can steal and do harm, it's true,
but hands are there for the best in you.
We greet one another or give a big hug,
and with our hands we can pull and tug,
wipe a tear or nurture another,
hold a babe oh so close to its mother,
salute a soldier, our flag and much more,
to do our duty in bleak times of war.
We can sow many seeds and reap the rewards
of the bounty we've wrought with our hands, not with swords.
The hand of a parent may guide our way,
an expression of love, not a word to say.
With our hands we do many things, it's true,
they express love and concern from me to you.
They give us a blessing when we're sick or distraught.
About these things and many others I've thought.

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