Hanna’s Shoreline

Standing on this shoreline
Watching the waves kiss the sand
One at a time, over and over, again and again
The air, full of salt
The beach, a minefield of scattered shells
A gentle breeze playfully tossing the strands of my hair
The gulls and sandpipers in full chorus
The sun dancing in the reflection of the sea
There is a stillness here in this moment
A calm that brings a sharp focus to my mind
I can think of only one thing
You are what fills my thoughts and holds me captive
I imagine you here with me on this shoreline
Your sweet brown eyes drinking in all that you see
The wonder that you feel as the sea foam rolls over your feet
I can stand here forever delighting in the simplicity of it all
But my thoughts begin to wander
Suddenly my mind is engulfed with music
And the thought of dancing with you
On this shoreline, in this majestic place
As the sun sets and sinks into the horizon
I imagine your gentle embrace
As we share a moment in time
And dance among the shifting shadows of the pier
Two hearts becoming one on an endless shoreline

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