Happily Never After

I can't hide from the truth
In the end I didn't really know you
Backed into a corner, scared and alone
Im lost now
No place to call home
You were my prayer, my dream
But not as perfect as you seemed
Late at night I hide my tears
Chased to the surface by my countless fears
I have this emptiness you used to fill
You brought me to life, it was so real
But then it all came crashing down
My happiness was the first to drown
Now i'm pleading, begging for an answer
What is love, how do you know?
Do you know how it feels left out in the cold?
All these tears you'll never see
I've locked the pain inside of me
On lonely nights it busts through the walls
I'm on my knees forced to crawl
You tore me apart, fooled us all
I wish you were the one I needed
My cheeks now flushed, I'm crushed, defeated
I go back to the start of you and me
And make you what I need you to be
Call me crazy, call me blind
But I'll always love you, till the end of time

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