Happily never after

Once upon a time,
There was a princess her name was blue.
She had big brown eyes and a heart warming smile.
She had ebony black hair and she made people laugh everywhere.
She had been hurt, nevertheless she was filled with love.
Maybe that was her curse.
One day she saw a prince wearing the colour of her name after that nothing was the same.
She called him 'sky', she fell in love with him in a blink of an eye, never realising why.
All this while the prince was away in a castle far from home for him to learn his ethics, but now he was here.
And they met.
More often, at the chapel it was as though her prayers had been answered.
Soon the news came, the princess was being sent away
She thought he'd ask her to stay but it doesn't always work that way.
A thousand mile between them but all she could think of was his smile the whole while.
Without him around, days seemed to never end.
She was locked up in high towers, guarded by Flame throwing dragons with red blood demon eyes.
With this one little hope that when she returns they'd have their own 'happily ever after', she spent her every moment.
When she came back she found out that her prince wasn't hers anymore.
Perhaps never was.
He had found himself another princess.
"And if only fairytales were true then I'd end up with you "
She said to herself and let him go.
Endings aren't always supposed to be happy you know.
~ Joelin Johnson.

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