Life is too d*mn hard! and it shouldn't have to be.
Ironically enough, we inflict more pain on ourselves than anybody.
You think that this life would give you a break.
Putting more on your shoulders than a person can take.
Yet, we strive on praying for better days ahead.
Neck deep in the negative, focusing on the glimpse of positive instead.
You see, "HAPPINESS" is a state of mind.
Knowing this fact, could put you a step ahead everytime.
The mind is powerful, the more u think bout it, the more you'll see its true.
The "HAPPINESS" you desire is a sacrifice you must make for you.
To be caught up in love is never as easy as it seems.
It takes 2 working thru it, too find the happy medium in between.
compromise, let little things go, and use communication as your key! may be easier said than done.
But without hard work and effort, the battles scarcely won.
So be who you are! and say what you feel!
life's too short to be anything but REAL.
Cause those that matter don't mind.
and those that mind don't matter! so why waist your time?
So, reguardless of what mite have,or has been, or will be eventually said.
At the end of the day, it's YOU that goes home to lye in YOUR bed.

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