Yaffa Slurzberg
What is it? Happiness?
This elusive state of being we strive for so desperately we will do anything to get it.
In this immediate gratification life we live. I want it now!
Why can’t I be happy now?!
Well? Where can I buy it? Who has it?
It seems so out of reach sometimes.
Like ur so close and yet so far.
Like u can smell it but cant taste it
It’s but a dream, a thing of the imagination
Or is it just that, something made up to drive the human race insane trying to achieve this thing that really does not exist?!
I think as long as people have brains, “happiness” can never be
Because we will always want more, need more,
Does it exist at all?
If u are truly, utterly happy, please let me in on ur secret, free of charge.
I’ll leave the tip at the door.

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