GOOD luck in your life is God's gift be aware.
You can attain happiness if you care and share.
Happiness is nothing but your own state of mind.
It will follow you itself, if you are good and kind.
Find happiness in children's smile.
See how your sorrows suddenly fly.
Find happiness in things which are small.
Follow the motto of life, have love for all.
Protect nature and love your mother earth.
Then you see how happiness will take birth.
Happiness can't be obtained from external factors.
Its source is your mindset and your own character.
Happiness is transfer from ego self to true self.
You can obtain it, if your anger and frustration you engulf. 
Thank god Always for his blessing.
Enjoy what you have and forget that you are missing.
Pray to GOD only then contentment you can gain.
You will have spirituality that we ultimately want to attain.

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