Rays of sunshine lightning the dim room,
Candy like pleasant smell coming from the perfume.
The melodious music that plays, amuses my heart,
My legs move on their own as i dance on my favourite part.

I imagine the world beyond as i admire the bright dots in the sky,
It tells me there is no limit to how high we can fly.
I read a book and wish for the reality & fiction to collide,
Sometimes I forget that there is a whole different world outside .

I walk surrounded by trees & the fresh smell of rain,
I watch little kids play and think about the innocence they contain.
I smile to myself as a fluffy dog passes me by,
The small things matter a lot is a fact I can’t deny,

I can’t stop right now cause i wanna trace the whole world ,
I wanna accept all the compliments I didn’t think I deserved.
To see someone happy because of me,
I didn’t think trying to make the world a better place would be this easy..

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