Happiness Authorities

You have authority over your life
Your freedom is more important than anyone’s anger
Here are three of the greatest rules:
You are loved
You have World changing capabilities
And you are always forgiven
How do I know for sure?
I’ve been through it over and over
Living by the rules I created
Gathered up from the soul’s honey
To make art I’m okay with
Step by step with the right intentions
I have one goal:
To reach the heart’s of others lost
Not for a conversion plan to Jesus
But just to love them as much as He loves me
Spreading love is my ultimate authority
With that mindset, I dive into this art
I say “Hello” as a poet
Writing stories from the heart
You have authority over your life
Find what brings you the most happiness
Then dive into it without being afraid
Listen to the Universe to knock the troubles away
Now go out and have some fun
With this life of yours, you are fortunate
Find a way to walk in the Sun
Forget all the past sorrows
Only look back to learn
Trust me, it’s your authority

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