Happiness – Mantra to innate peace

Happiness is listening to your heart’s desire,
And living freely, without fear.
Happiness is staying with your near and dear ones,
While we pray for peace for everyone.
Happiness comes every now and then,
Grab it and enjoy whenever it’s in your den.
Happiness brings with it an inner glow,
Which is in your heart and on face shows.
Happiness sends a tinkle through our bones,
That helps us to speak in cheerful tones.
Happiness is playing and singing with your family,
To maintain inner peace and be free from agony.
Life is one, and every moment is very precious,
Happiness in small bits, is indeed very gracious.
Don’t crib or complain on what you don’t have,
Instead, embrace whatever comes your way, with love.
However, happiness for some, implies the pain of others,
They aim to malice and envy the success of their well-wishers.
Let us eradicate all enmity and adversity,
To create unity amidst diversity.
Let us cherish the moments spent with our friends and family,
And live all relations amicably.
Let us make the world a better place,
To enlighten the journey of life and eradicate darkness.

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