I am so happy,
And people ask me why I am happy,
I say I am happy because I am happy,
Ah! People they all laugh at me.
Isn't it queer to find a reason not to be happy!

We all have reasons not to be happy,
But cannot find a reason to be happy .

I am happy because the breeze is blowing,
Tickling the sweat as they keep crawling on my face,
People feel I am crazy to be happy for the breeze,
Trust me! I am happy.

I am happy for the leaf that is breaking from the tree and falling,
I am happy for the clouds as they sweep across the sky,
I am happy for the waves as they dance in the sea,
I am happy for the stars as they keep twinkling at me,
I am happy for the happiness around!

Yes I am happy and I find no reason not to be happy,
You be happy too and smile your day ,
See the sun shine on your back and make you glow.

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