Happy Birthday

My heart became whole, the day you arrived
This was the happiest day of my life
The joy you have brought me, I cant describe
Whenever you smiled you light up my life

Watching you bloom into this beautiful girl
And becoming the center of my beautiful world
My heart would smile when watching you play
And my heart would cry every time you would say

Mommy I love you, but baby I love you more
Youre my precious little girl the one I adore
As you grew older the sadder I’d be
Because as time flew by, you were a teen

A beautiful young woman that you came to be
The prettiest girl, Ive ever seen
You weren’t only my baby, you became my bestfriend
Our bond is so strong, that no one can bend

I am so proud of all you achieved
Youre growing so fast its hard to believe
That you have grown into this beautiful queen
From this precious baby girl, and now youre 18

You are amazing, my heart is so full
I just want you to know how much I love you
Now im out of words, nothing more to say
But baby girl I love you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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This Poems Story

This poem was written for my friend Alesha Alonso for her daughters 18TH birthday, which was yesterday 10/10/19... She wanted a poem to express how much she loves her, how smart and amazing she is and how much of a best friend she is in this entire world... Happy Birthday Baby girl....