Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays come once a year, but that's not new
Everyone knows that, yes even you
Alone in the theater she sat
No one to join her, no one to chat
Next year will be better, you'll see
But it was not, thought she
For it was worse you see
Far worse, no one came, no not even he
He said he would come, he told her so
All day she waited, nothing to show
He never came, so alone she sat
No one to comfort her save for her cat
Cupcakes lay untouched
'Twas her book that she clutched
The day came to an end and back to school she went
In her room all day she spent
One cupcake she took with her
And with it a thought did occur
No one sang to me
Not even my family
Tears filled her eyes
She thought of the goodbyes
They let her leave, they let her go
No candles did she blow
What a birthday so bland
With cupcake in hand
Happy birthday to me
Sang she

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