By Daiah   

You wait for a knight in shinning armour in an eerie tower for years on end, wouldn't you have climbed down the wall and seen other towns by now?
Its been midnight many days and you own no glass shoe, your fairy god mother might be the brain you choose not to use.
You sleep a whole lot and feel tormented, and wish someone would give you an apple to help you end it, but you'll miss out on the chance to actually get through it, if you choose not to wake up and take a step forward.
Your hair doesn't need to reach your feet, if you let people's opinions take the lead, you will be tangled.
You don't need to have an Irish heritage to be brave.
Your reflection will only show who you are inside, when you quit pretending and accept yourself, courtesy of Mulan.
When you realise that your prince has no charm and can't sing to save his life but he made a choice and loves you the best he can, on the days you feel like Fiona at dusk and on the nights you feel like a cruella de vil, that should be enough.
He may have no Kingdom to give but in his eyes you are adorned with unmatched beauty.
However imperfect your fairytale is, you can have a happy ending because true Love has the ability to rewrite stories.

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