Happy Joy: Oxymoron

If happiness, you have ever met
Known it, you mightn't have yet
If you have ever met happiness
Joy, you shouldn't regard less
In what do you find happiness?
In tennis, football and chess?
From what, do you derive joyfulness?
In silver, bronze and brass?
Her true concept
Only a few have kept
Minds and hearts have joy without bound
Thinking, true happiness, they have found
Meanwhile, she to them, is vain and compound
Comprising only of vibration and sound
On and on, their hearts beat not but pound
Wrong certainties they carry all around
Minds and hearts have leapt
Thinking, by true happiness, they haven't wept
Don't they see her in lipstick and panties?
In Glaxonia, hotels and parties?
Her, don't they mistake to be ladies
Her, do they know as much as babies?
Happiness, don't they think, is the taste of cookies?
Happiness, don't they think, is all about deities?
In the lustfulness of the heart lies mischief
To prevent such, make happiness your belief
Not the counterpart, but real joy
Very vital for the old man called Roy
Not useful for the young specie called boy
As light as what the French would call "feuille"
When happiness brings, tears turn joy
Something that lasts is where you find joy
Joy is to be intensely happy
Deep happiness is fluffy like a puppy
It's not like steel; it never corrodes
It's not like topsoil; it never erodes
It's not on the gullies; it's smooth on the roads
It's not like sorrow, satisfaction it encodes
It's not powerless, itself, it decodes
It makes humans hop like toads
Happiness is joy brought
But happiness, joy is not
Those, who, true joy, find
Shall have an ever-fertile mind
Shall have satisfaction, whatever kind
Those who uprightness, in their hearts, wind
Shall enshrine justice at their behinds
And truthfulness, with their thoughts, grind

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