Happy Pills

I need some happy pills to take away this pain because today I'm missing you. I just wish it would rain.
A flash flood is in my blood, it's dousing the blue flame.
My heart is getting tired of holding back this hurricane.
I'm a gladiator and some people taunt me from their cages.
They pray for my demise.
Blood and victory are contagious.
But how was I so blind? Just why couldn't I see?
Too wrapped up in myself to care.
Now, you're always on my mind. It's like I can't erase you.
I assumed you'd always be there.
Foolishly, I was so wrong.
You're not here. You're really gone.
I lie awake. I think of yesterday.
You were the good part, my better half.
I heard your laugh from this old photograph.
I don't know where you are. But I hope it's a better place.
And I hope you wear a smile upon your gorgeous face.
You deserve to be happy. I hope I set you free and I hope that you hardly ever think of me.
I'll love you to the end, you were my best friend. I hope you've learned to dance without a care. I pray you've found a calm, peaceful life somewhere out there.

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