Hard Heads

Hard heads don't get the picture until they do the math
They don't understand; they never listen
so they continuously ask
I know the lord's mercy is greater than his wrath
Don't get caught up in the present
You should study the past
Blindness rules; it's defined in you
You can mistake my kindness for weakness
God's grace in me; what it is that you can't see
is nothing more than meekness
I shouldn't have to say this or relay this more than once
The last time I tried to tell you
Well, you was out to lunch
and every time I tried to tell you, you got your panties in a bunch
It's not my fault that you didn't hear a word
When the truth is told; expose it, so you get what you deserve
The nerve of some people; they keep you hoping and praying
that they could find the time to analyze and realize what you was saying
Most people have the misfortune of their own paradigm
Since they don't study yours, of course, they think that time is on their side
When you are riding with no cause
A metaphor, why should you think that you're free
You knuckle head; it's said that you are on a dead end street
You can't see the forest for the trees
This is just what I believe

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