Hard Living

Too busy being worried to live

Too busy being selfish to give

Just smile and appreciate

Too late

Just forget and relax

Live for you, and give life your max

You only get one shot so live it up

Before you breakup, grow up, give up...

I'm sorry I tried

I'm leading my own life, I don't need a guide

I thought you were the one but I'm saying goodbye

Say something worth listening to, don't be shy...

I just want to run, want to learn

Find a safe place and watch it burn

Got music in my head, off like a light with a bit of lead

Fragile humans, simple minds

There are all different kinds

Don't make life out to be a breeze

You'll likely end up begging for it on your knees

Leave me be - screw off...

I want to be alone *cough cough*

We are done, ended, over

Find me a four leaf clover

Maybe I'll have the luck to find a friend

Someone to talk to, relate

Capabilities are not an issue

Don't mistake fear for pain or grief for anger

Nothing can fix me, although I could use a tissue

I'll protect what I care about no matter what

So pick the right side before my open mind gets shut. . .

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