Hard to Define

Love is a word,
That is hard to define.
Love is a true connection.
Love is peace of mind.
Love is holding hands,
And never wanting to let go.
Love is caressing them in your arms,
And letting them know,
Exactly what they mean to you,
And that you love them so.
Love is seeing their beauty,
Their posture,
Their grace,
And knowing whomever they look at
They will only see your face.
Love is respecting their God given flaws
And love is admiring their voice
With such respect,
Such awe.
Love is praying they will be yours,
Until death due you part,
And knowing that they left,
With every piece of your heart.
Love is understanding,
And true.
Love is never misleading,
Or rude.
Love is the greatest,
Of all God's gifts.
With this, any soul,
Can be set adrift,
From the narrow minds,
And the narrow ways,
Of those who are as one,
For lust,
 Or fame.
Love is not lent,
Or bought.
Love is not for the hearts that are seeking
It is for the ones that have sought,
A perfect match,
A partner,
A pair,
And love is knowing that your lover,
Will always be there.

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