Hard to explain

Its hard to forget someone
when they gave you so much to remember
i met him in Last march,still talking
two years later in November.
No matter what age
i will love you the same way
No matter what page
For you gave me all the reasons to say.
Through out every fight
caused by something little
i came out with a unbearable sight
of losing you forever.
Through all the insults
i grew not to care
because the ignorance in them-
are just fully unaware.
That our Hearts beat together
staying in time with another
being always and forever
and our love being clever.
My feelings for you
are so hard to explain
i hate seeing you hurt
or in any type of pain.
I'd die for you
just to keep you alive
you have a purpose
you are my one our of five-
billions of people alive.

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