Harkiel That Bat: A Kiss of Death

The earth is gone after sung the voices of the skull here. I stay to make words decide of the torcher amongst the living here cold going on. I will forever be still killing to the brain in the mind insane. The void in mines dried died eye.
I pain enable unstable fables to make real not known to exist.

It is a blank of memory of a twist fantasies the feel of her kiss it disabled other things to list that. I am in total miss of what talent love in once more to explore evil. I adore cursed her away. I am the rejects spirit broke through the portals cast out from me humans hated them. I did sincerely seen nine by hurts off decision making in the death works, taken first talented worth a page this one.

What for the question shouting a rant more than that. I inspire greatness sealed in a wave in sand to expand to gain a hundred grand, of red dust such hate in my soul. That I am hit with it trust none enable bold upon humanity out of plans that others did bad onto me.
The driven into insanity manic be caused then effect satanic freak frantic in seat moving with anger he reaps sown.

At it constantly writing the pages that be cursed by the pentagram with razor blades torn deep over my skin. It was centuries in keep to find purpose giving what sense none urgent. In my defeat it is to overcome underneath over realms. Those are taken slowly in the dark to greet have not Satan my beast and friend.

There it is for no more to see her again my friend through the lens broken neat under soil over water to swell. I bleed from my gums over my teeth from this aging dying tree to be deep a poet unearthly see that only me.

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This Poems Story

Harkiel's deep demise in an existent being.