Harkiel That Bat and Lyuarisa

You're electric Lyuarisa I in the miss of your skin your stance your hands your dance.
It's growling in the mist of your blowing hair in the wind curtains.
Then you again miss as my friend for us
to begin dense intellect something new something different.

The since the dawn of time sacred spirits mend about course name of source being not rude.
The trust always lust unconditional it must be.
You and I together holding to several to be far distance do not
separate us.

It brings us together date ever it goes on as we range to sing a dreadful wicked song strong in our bliss.
While we would grief over the excitement the dead end this ever.
This is an ardent waste simple as the taste of your pale face.
It's reminding me every day being with you is great doomsday around us.

It's to say soar of the lonely moon hooray no way
we escaped the hate in it raised me from the grave as a bat.
This was it fate, from the lord don't know that we may stay here safe from outsiders.
It is in the castle halls the coffins in such grace.

We would pace ourselves before the council to no rush wait.
We do in a hurry ache of pain.
To run away at assist of the trace we lay unknown meaning unnatural.
It's on the break of day in rise of the sun.

You and I spray flames while we stand in the grey into the sky under dead dry
overcast surface suddenly.
In the cover we fly of no care in the world if whenever
we should die.
The vampire moments knowing we lived a life by each other's side.

I'm very right in the sight of your eyes, very high off until why?
We have learned one then the other having lovers to been no end.

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This Poems Story

Harkiel and lyuarisa's sacred to protect their connection.