Harkiel That Bat: End Times Fate

I am freezer bag with an outer galactic brain frozen in rain came. Who is positively insane in his name death double negative? I'm sane born with an aim to critical think strange. Not tamed who has gained gloomy to be deranged of worth first a purpose a service.

This is as simple as dirt mix complex hurt kicks grievous cough syrup sent well stirred in the head the wind blowing. There it goes a tumble weed when I speak. Sometimes curt while everything seems to be the same. Much worse the surf in front of me is a blur off the earth gone since twelve a.m.

It has been diluted from the world given I mature yet here how am I too. I'm not here a cipher discreet more torn than before gross with a torn. I disappear for years into a spiral universe of galaxies to greet without fear in the darkness down under sagacity.

A world of humanity a seed planted be dead hand on cheeks upon extinction between distinctions least fought for suck good yum.
These many of things come out visions clouded expand.
The soil into a plant granted about it creating a new beginning of leafs to leap on to ever not lasting.

Mostly thoughts trapped in sin dead men and women's passing up not lost of a growth is my pain. The wicked spirits are living in my ego theoretical everyday a weight happens to be entities.
It's a boulder sitting on my shoulder struggling to hold notice what? That I'm Satanist nose deep between legs the soul when it's drenched in the coldness.

So don't act tough you others in dismay of a world full of greyness. I won't play knowing I have no mercy, no escape of this fate to my taste breast milk.
Far torn away from gross my hope keeps ever go orange in the dash sick past. In these hours it can't last do laugh after mad clown face laugh. To punch hookers in the nose with this dialogue intellect but still unemployed broke with no regret. Also but still the best this poetry stresses. I said guess where?

I'm going with this bed on my mess of floor rest not concerned so much about chores. All of them stupid whores I could ignore infinitely.
To strengthen me look at these expenses building are expensive mentally for financially.

Did Kcallia dive too much to mention about my sentences? It was her Lyuarisa the only one given to my amount of ideas. That I pitch into devastate making a way for our unending. I can't keep depending on some else's word.
It's our business to keep inventing rhymes disturbing on a wall with paper to get stable a house hold name fabled.

The income rocking roll sold the wrap like we can go gold able to collect but still underground with no hope.
Written in the stone I have my own imagine grown asinine symptoms. There beyond parts of pain attached unknown interest.

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The end of fate.