Harm Is Your Ham To Devour

Oh Geniuses, calm down and demolish your chests
You are the rulers of the earth
You are the chosen people of the Most High
You are the precious treasures of the Ark’s age
Oh Geniuses, tell your enemies to leak their washrooms
Melt your enemies by building up bathrooms
Lend them husbands in pitiful bedrooms
Find your enemies a place in the throne room of fungi
You are shedding a tear for those who ensnare you? Know you not who you are?
If you're above 140, you’re in the Ark’s anthology
To make the Ark’s anthology is to mix with arches of theology: actions’ psychology
My beloved champions, rise above Antioch
Raise your kiosks upon the queuing rocks
Breathe fire into yourself and not out to the haters
Disempower your haters by empowering your sneakers
Genius Oh Genius, you are fatter than the earth’s crust
Don’t let discourses tell you who you are; know you not your Ark?
You are smarter than whoever may call you crazy for thinking above their limit of capture
Voltages shall bow to your Volta, I bow to you Oh my Genius
Deep thinker, not deep sinker
You dig to soar and you think to seek owls
The only zoo of beautiful owls belongs to deep thinkers
Deep thinkers curve comic callings
Dear Genius, if you make my anthology, you’re no loser
Pattern your hats after my patting path
I’ve been through consecutively hotter fires
Yet I bend higher than Pacific hens
No Genius can lose, let enemies loosen what they please
Leave the enemies to me, I’ll handle the enemies by empowering you to be calmer
The calmer you get, the faster they peck their pigs
We shall overcome the next eclipse together; we are wickeder than the sun
Attempt to shame a Genius, fool yourself
If crazy is to be smarter than accepted reality
Then crazy is the neglected standard of sanity
Moods fear the ability of our IQs to make us happy
Recognize your authority, Oh Genius of the twenty-first gene of seriousness
Immerse the darkness of the mud into its obvious place
And shine your light to the thinkers who need your extra
Since you made my anthology, harm is your ham to devour

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