Harsh Wisdom

You reach, I take heart
You withdraw
So I whisper, I hope...
You react and won't hear me
I dare not speak ill
For I feel in you what others don't
Or have I twisted nothing into that
I wish to be meaningful

You see, I do know my place
To the companion, close your eyes I say
Feel this moment, for it may be all we have
The moment fades, so does the connection

Has my existence lost meaning in your eyes
My depth does not intrigue you
I bore you, for I lack something
Am I broken, or do I fall below your grace

I see now, my lacking
So softly reminded to enjoy my solitude, to embrace it

Fear not the loneliness
For loneliness is the symphony
The symphony of wisdom
Wisdom to know when you are deemed inconsequential

Take heed, being deemed so, does not make it just, nor true

By C.R. Licavoli

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