Harsh Words At a Funeral

You're a ghost. a blurred image in the
back of my mind that never felt real.
Whispers in the wind sound like your
laugh but you aren't there. There is
no real substance and yet I'm haunted
nonetheless. My heart grows heavy
in my chest but I have no more tears
because you have become dead.
Something only to grieve. My love no
longer exists. It has faded to small
point in my breath that marks you as
a used to. Just an apparition that
follows me until I can see the coffin
buried. All the smiles were replaced
with a pain that had morphed into an
emptiness and now I'm okay. I still try
to remember your face and what it
was that had me stay, and I can't think
of anything. All that is left are the
nightmares of going back to another
time, another place. and soon even
those won't be occurring. Your limbo
presence will mean nothing. I can
already see the worms eating and
consuming the rest of you from my
memory. Sad to say, I once knew you
as a real person and not just a deadbeat.

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