imagine one night you also
got to be one of the stars,
oh how lonely would it be to float aimlessly
to be something beautiful that the world can't see
my tongue is the sun, love; the corners of
licked pages are starlight, I hope that's life
only gleaming

space sounds like a boring bellow
unintelligible, unimaginable, enigmatic
like the sound of your heart racing
melodious in our ears, maybe, not really
it's what loneliness sounds like
are we really free if we can't do anything but see?
it's a tranquil scream over a cliff with no echo
does it need meaning?

To be the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
the ring keeping strength and growth apart
weakening stars grow into black holes
when we lose the twinkle in our eyes,
we make scars as deep as our love
i see fallen stars fondly, even when they gape
they once were what held me loosely when the
Star in me wasn't willing to let me sing
will my world do that for me too,
maybe when I'm leaving

when every story ends, we take it with us
and continue it in the real world
I'll be Neso to neptune
Like dancing till your feet blister when
the audience look the other way
try making a topograph of the milky way, I dare you
Place a meaning on someone and watch them
either change to fit perfectly or to fit outside of it
the world failed the space, how do you study
such a magnificent thing? literally otherwordly
I'd cheat to find the truth, the answer to every why
count me in, breathing is a rhythm
I don't understand, and to learn? I'm not willing

the scent of embers crackling is almost similar
to champagne bubbling
it's a bittersweet celebration, I cannot deny
love, don't let the stardust slip from your arms
the gravity of every problem is nonexistent
every interstice between the rifts of rocks and ice
has everything but sunlight piercing through
everything but us, love, it's still warm though
I wish I could feel it through my now charred palm
you wish you could too, an astronaut suit
keeps us from touch, but that's okay
if you make it up here, I'll be there, accompanying

thank you, for watching me from the
cold eyes of a telescope. I'm so far away
when you come back, will you like the dying me?
I don't know, I don't know a lot of things
sceptics will call me a hallucination
with something beyond earth, but it isn't true
We don't stop being someone even when
we have to ascend after being on earth for long
our sanctuary when your sister left was
the helipad with no helicopters to consider a
destination worth coming to.
watching you grow from so far away
even if it tore twinkles from me, was an honour
I love you
and I hope you heard me
because I'll be screaming

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