Has the world finally gone mad

I ask myself :
Has the world finally gone mad ?
Lost its purpose to have and to
hold life until before the Father we
stand? For that moment we'll wait
Set free from the earth to enter the
golden gates.
But how can freedom enslave one's
ability to be free?
How can society betray a being's
true individuality?
Encourage fatality?
Corrupt mentalities?
Fantasise realities ?
How could it hold the future
prisoner in the past ?
Because it can't accept our
differences and abnormalities.
Has the status quo been changed to
no friends , more foes?
Because my back has more scars
then the wrists I've slit
The lies I'd truly admit to didn't
haunt me
But became a habit I learnt to
predict like
"Too fat, not big enough, not tall
enough, not skinny enough"
My mind has had juss about
enough of too little too much.
Has the world finally gone mad
Because it has driven me mad and
mind asks
"Can I take a minute to express my
Withoutyour judgement or
criticism of flaws?
Can I take a look deep within
To discover the absence of joyful
I'm not disturbed or depressed but
By darkness my mind is possessed
Can I close my eyes forever?
Can the world just give me a rest ?"
As I rest my restless heart
Filled with nothing but shadows
With me in my worst nightmares
When I cry and bleed they just
stand there
In darkness
This isn't a form of poetry
But my heart convincing my
That suicide is not cowardly
Because when you're standing at
the edge
You're only one step away from
being free
From a lifetime of abuse and
Has the world gone mad?
As my emotions are numbed by the
sound of her weeping heart.
She faces the fears she has left
Because no one but her
understands her dark mind.
Has The World Finally Gone Mad?

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