The Secret of Hate

Someone once asked me, "Do you even know what hate is?"

I know what hate is.
It's a burning, aching, clawing, destroying pain.

Hate is something that spirals through you,
Unchecked and untamed.
It's destructive.
The burn is sweet; bittersweet.
Hate is nameless, faceless...

Hate can make your chest tight and your eyes water.
Hate can cause your heart to clench,
And your soul cry out to see, touch...hold, feel the person who made you like this.
Hate is love, the nameless, faceless...
The Named and Faced.

So yes, ask me again
Because hate?
I know how it feels.
Beyond that?
I know the secret of isn't a what.

It's a who.

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This Poems Story

Sometimes I feel things and when I feel things, I need to write. Sometimes, my writing comes out in the form of fiction YA novels, other times it comes out in the form of fanfiction but there are times when it becomes too much to contain or warp and the purest, most sincere form emerges like a butterfly as poetry and I can't help but to share.