Hate is red.
Hate is acidic, like a chemical burn and sulfuric fire;
A putrid garbage pile whose scent never wavers.
Hate is a poison; it drains and it kills.
It tastes of death; ashes and dust.
Hate is a pounding crash,
A boom that echoes,
A cackle that haunts.
Hate splinters and silences the heart.
Hate is a throbbing thorn,
To see past it is beauty,
But to hold it is scorn.
Hate will bleed you dry
And give you false comfort,
Give you false hope.
Hate is a numbing serpent,
With sickly red scales
Whose goal is to charm,
Whose goal is to kill.
Hate is Satan's tool,
A one-way ticket to Hell.
Hate is a beast.
Hate is war.

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