Hate Is Easier Than Love

Love makes eyes look deep
Until those eyes find a soul
And that soul finds fear.
Love makes us see our own humanity
Our own horrors, demons, loathing, secrets.
Love makes our truths tear open our souls
And allows the darkness of who we are to find light.
Love is painfully honest.

Hate is easier than Love.

Hate wraps our worst nightmares in a cocoon of armor,
Shoves them in the darkest corner of who we are,
And lets them grow.
Until they are big enough to
Attack Peace, Happiness, Love, all that makes us whole.

Hate is easier than Love.
Yet Love will always conquer Hate.
Love will always rip apart the woven armor of
Hate, Anger, Sadness, and Despair,
Love will drag Fear into the light.

Love is stronger than Hate.

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