By Babs   

Don’t hate me because I’m black
Love me for who I am
The color of my skin shouldn’t matter
Cause I’m created by God’s design.

The world would be a much better place
If we put our differences aside
And see the beauty within each other
Instead of creating racial divide.

No one is born with a hateful spirit
God made us all upright and pure
But we’ve allowed evil to cloud our minds
And make us hateful and insecure.

Each one of us have a responsibility
To make a difference in this world
But we can never achieve our purpose
If we’re divided and so much far apart.

Whatever we sow is what we’ll reap
So, lets sow some seeds of love
And watch it grow, and grow, and grow
Overflowing with blessing from above.

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This Poems Story

This poem is am expression of my feelings about what is currently taking place in the nation. It is a call to put away our differences and let love triumph above hatred.