Emotional cuts they bleed slow
Believe me because I should know
See I've been there and done that
Been stupid and went right back
Taking my blows one after another
Not even sure if we loved one another
Could have just been obsession
That caused so much depression
Used to tell her to hit me
I couldn't take the poison tongue you see
Telling me false wrongs
Making me believe I did harm
So many cuts on my arm
Are from that relationship
Drinking till it made me sick
Why did you do it?
Harsh words as a habit
Made me feel worthless
Threats made escape hopeless
Said you'd kill us both
Sometimes this gave me hope
That it would finally end
But I couldn't get around that bend
Until now
I escaped you somehow
Can't lie still want to call you
Tell you that I miss you
But I know you'll aim to hurt me
So now I'm finally free
And I'll take back my power
Maybe bloom like a flower
Not stifled I can finally grow
I can't wait to show
Myself that I am good
Because now I know exactly that I could
Be the me I've always wanted
By you I will no longer be haunted

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It's about my wife