Haunted by all these memories
Of you and me dancing down a winter street
I beg to find something new
Someone who can set me free
I always see ghost of what felt so sweet

In the dark of night
I see the day we found each other
We fell for something that seemed so sweet
In the light of day I see you leave
A perfect ending to an imperfect dream

I still wonder why our feelings had to fade
Did my blue sky have to turn so gray?
Maybe it was the dress you wore
Or maybe it was the rain that poured
I watched you leave as I shut the door

I see her now at a table for two
She could be the one to save me
Save me from these ghosts of you
I see myself walk on in and start a new dream
But I’m still haunted by an imperfect dream

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This Poems Story

This poem along with many others of mine are written from my heart that has been broken many times. Sometimes love is nothing but an imperfect dream.