Haunted Blues

Raven’s call, like necromatic fire
Its mocking tone, oozes through the window pane
As I sit mired, in all things dire
Your beautiful visage, still ghastly remains
I have burned sage, spoke incantations
From the pages of love’s grand grimoire
Watch out babe, these blues are contagious
They’ll slip past the pentagram, upon your door

Lonely old moon glow, down upon the mausoleum
Sorrow creeps through the midnight air
Spiders weave art, so sad and poignant
Reminiscent of a love, that’s no longer there
Like a banshee, wild and wailing
You were gone at the flash of a light
Leaving nothing behind but lies and memories
To fill the void of this dead end night

I am through with romances and taking chances
Going to paint the walls and the ceilings blue
Cross that river, away from those forces of darkness
Those very same forces, that brought me to you
And I am taking back those black roses
All those charms and every kind word too
And believe me when I say, I learned my lesson
Somethings are better left unexhumed

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