“Haunted By Him”

I swear i'm haunted by him
Everywhere I seem to go he's always there
I look in the mirror he stares back at me
I see his face everywhere I go
Doesn't matter where i'm at
He seems to always be their
Why am I being haunted
By him
Is it that he doesn't want me
To forget him
Still why does he not want me to remember him
It can't possibly be that he loves me
Because i'm not the one who left he did
So why am I being
Haunted by him
Is it he just wants to haunt me
Or could it be I don't want to forget him
Do I still love him
Will I ever stop being haunted
Or not am I meant to be haunted forever
Never to forget him
I swear it'll kill me to stay this way
For much longer
I can't take much more
It kills me a little bit more
Each time I see his face
Weather it be in a mirror
Or somewhere else
I swear and know now
I'm being
Haunted by him

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